Resources for Students

Student Resources for Cloud Computing Book

Details on Cloud Service Resources Recommended For Use With This Book

In the book, we have used examples and case studies that provide you experience and training on the leading cloud service providers - Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The costs for using these cloud services for utilizing the book is minimal, in most cases less that $10 per provider for your entire semester during which you may use these services.

We provide some guidance as to the providers, along with their expected costs for usage. We have no relation to these providers, and their prices and usage policies may change without notice. In any case, we will continue to post the latest information on this website.


Student Resources for Big Data Science & Analytics Book

Details on Big Data Stacks Recommended For Use With This Book

In the book, we describe frameworks for collecting and ingesting data from various sources into the big data analytics infrastructure, distributed filesystems and non-relational (NoSQL) databases for data storage, processing frameworks for batch and real-time analytics, serving databases and web frameworks. Below are some big data stacks recommended for use with this book. The chapter-2 in the book has detailed instructions on how to use these stack.

HortonWorks HDP stack

Cloudera CDH 5.1.x stack

AWS Elastic MapReduce

Azure HDInsight